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What Have We Done?

by Mr. Bob on August 3, 2013

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-god-respirator-image12981605Where are we? What have we done? Where are we going?

We have complicated things so much that we no longer understand simplicity. What was once considered fundamental basics has become obscured by the need to turn everything into better, stronger and more powerful necessities. This element of change has created a greed that far outweighs what is needed as priorities are dictated by those who have, not by those who have not or are not yet corrupted.

Our society lacks compassion for human well being. Not by choice so much, rather the force to comply with rules where the only ones who win are the ones who make the rules.

To be a player in this end world game, one must give in to horrendous laws dictated to us and, in turn, become corrupt.

The key players in this game are not concerned with global destruction or the waste of human lives as humanity is only a stake to be played upon. They continuously up the anti without a conscious thought.

Our children’s children will one day only be able to read about what civilization was, in the true meaning of the word, as opposed to the darkness that will be their reality.

They will only be able to dream of what it must have been like before greed destroyed the essence of man.

Will they understand the simplicity that we can not see now. Will they question why? Why did man have to create so many poisons and toxins to try to make everything better? Could they not see that the sickness that befell them was of their own doing? What evil had possessed them to create cancers and illnesses that would require them to make and market a never ending list of drugs. Why did doctors give out these drugs? Why did people believe in new man made medicine rather than what came from the earth? Was it really all for money? Really? Power?

Will they ever question why man loved money more than man? Will they figure it out that healthy people don’t need medicine and that labels kill people? Will they wonder why cancer research was never looking for a cure, only more treatments.

Will they eventually say, Why didn’t they just do away with the intentional poisoning of the planet? That would have eliminated big pharmaceutical companies, cancer research facilities, unneeded treatments and barbaric surgeries, corporate and government greed.

Why was their quest to be the best so destructive?

What happened to Love and Peace?

Why did they not understand that there is only one race? The one they created. Not a race of color or the race to be the best but instead…A dying race!

How could they have done this to us?

That’s what they’ll ask and we won’t be there to lie to them.

We won’t be able to say,”We did it all for you – out of love…and in the name of peace”

The important question for us is, will they be able to repair the damage that we’ve done and will there be anything left to repair? Or maybe more importantly, will they be able to live or just merely survive?

What have we done?

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